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    1. Consoling the Boy (2015 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Radovan Beli Marković
    The world of Radovan Beli Marković’s superbly written short stories comprises the familiar and the strange, the known and the unknown, the local and the universal. Their topography coincides with the one found on maps, but the fairytale-like cruelty encountered in the villages and towns places them ... više detalja
    Cena: 890,00 DIN (9,00 EUR)

    2. Only the Gods Can Make Promises (2015 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Božo Koprivica
    This is a compilation of footnotes about the street tamers of rag-balls who grew up to be the masters of fateful shots in unforgettable football matches. Koprivica does it on paper just like Di Steffano does it on the pitch, in an all-encompassing manner. He writes with his brain, his blood and his ... više detalja
    Cena: 1.330,00 DIN (13,00 EUR)

    3. A Plot of Twin Sisters (2014 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Đorđe Pisarev
    A Plot of Twin Sisters operates on several narrative levels: as a mystery involving the theft of books, misplaced parents and abandoned children; as a postmodernist pastiche with excerpts from other people’s books, allusions, citations, and a dash of the epistolary form to wrap things up; as a psych... više detalja
    Cena: 890,00 DIN (9,00 EUR)

    4. Set Away (2014 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Sonja Besford
    Within the context of contemporary Serbian fiction, Sonja Besford’s novel, Set Away, is truly exceptional: a full-fledged thriller thoroughly permeated with love and crime, it obeys the rules of the genre while bending it at the same time. With meticulous dynamics of narration, the author gradually ... više detalja
    Cena: 890,00 DIN (9,00 EUR)

    5. Thai (2014 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Goran Gocić
    If it were not a novel, this would be a “feasibility study” dealing with the ways and means of a self-aware man who wishes or, rather, seeks to protect a woman. The project is, under the given circumstances, doomed to failure not because it is impossible, but because it is unnecessary. The fragile a... više detalja
    Cena: 1.220,00 DIN (12,00 EUR)

    6. Ultramarine (2014 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Mileta Prodanović
    The title of the novel Ultramarine is a highly symbolic and a well chosen one too: it refers to a specific type of blue color, and also it vibrates with associations of the sea, and indirectly to death, since death can be perceived as crossing to the other shore. It is also the favorite color of the... više detalja
    Cena: 1.110,00 DIN (11,00 EUR)

    7. Very Little Light (2014 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Vladan Matijević
    This three-part novel tells the stories of three seemingly very different characters whose crises bring them home with the hope of restoring their weary souls. The reader’s task is to see through their language of, more or less, disturbed minds, which is not easy although highly rewarding. A schizop... više detalja
    Cena: 1.220,00 DIN (12,00 EUR)

    8. The Bridge on the Drina (2014 god.), Sezam book
    Autor: Ivo Andrić
    A stone bridge from the 16th century, an endowment of Mehmed-pasha Sokolovic, like a mute witness remembers the seeming harmony of different cultures, religions and peoples whereas deep antagonism exists between them. The difference between two civilisations, Eastern and Western, is the most obvious... više detalja
    Cena: 1.200,00 DIN (12,00 EUR)

    9. Second Body: Pious novel (2013 god.), Zavod za udžbenike
    Autor: Milorad Pavić
    Milorad Pavić’s „Second Body” will for some readers be a love story spanning 4 centuries, and for some a pious novel about the second body of Christ. In any case a proclamation of some important things in life and after it. Two amorous couples in the 18th century and two couples in the 21th century ... više detalja
    Cena: 957,00 DIN (10,00 EUR)

    10. A Song of Ice and Fire (7 Volumes) (2012 god.), The English Book RASPRODATO
    Autor: George R. R. Martin
    HBO's hit series A GAME OF THRONES is based on George R R Martin's internationally bestselling series A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE, the greatest fantasy epic of the modern age. George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series has set the benchmark for contemporary epic fantasy. Labelled by Time magazine... više detalja
    Cena: 8.500,00 DIN (85,00 EUR)
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