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    The GorgonsSelected Serbian playsGreat Serbian short storiesThe Professional and Other PlaysBruin Sings the BluesThe Bridge on the Drina
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    1. The Professional and Other Plays (2021 god.), Laguna
    Autor: Dušan Kovačević
    “Even though The Professional is politically oriented, it had a wonderful story, which can be the hart of any medium. The story of two people, two wills, two souls that carry within themselves tragedy, humor, hopelessness, and humanness is a universal theme. I really enjoyed it.” Robert Redford “... više detalja
    Cena: 1.999,00 DIN (20,00 EUR)

    2. The Gorgons (2020 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Mira Otašević
    On the pages of this book, biographies intertwine and collide, linking the lives of writers, actors, musicians, painters, men, women, lovers, police, soldiers, executioners, victims and murderers, the living and the dead. Brecht, Beuys, Django, and others, known and unknown, real and unreal, of dive... više detalja
    Cena: 880,00 DIN (9,00 EUR)

    3. Great Serbian short stories (2019 god.), Čigoja štampa
    Autor: edited and with an introduction Branko Mikasinovich
    But the country could not accept the bridge and the bridge could not accept the country.” This quotation, from the short story “The Bridge on the Žepa,” by the 1961 Nobel laureate Ivo Andrić, whose story, “Thirst,” is included in this collection, reflects the essence of the state of human relatio... više detalja
    Cena: 2.750,00 DIN (28,00 EUR)

    4. Bruin Sings the Blues (2016 god.), Завод за уџбенике
    Autori: Dušan Kovačević, transleted from the serbian by Timothy Byford
    BRUIN SINGS THE BLUES (MEDA PEVA BLUZ - engleski jezik: Translated from the Serbian by Timothy Byford) Dušan Kovačević was born on 12th July 1948 in Mrđenovac, near Šabac. He attended primary school in Šabac and gram mar school in Novi Sad, completing his secondary education in 1968. He studied a... više detalja
    Cena: 1.043,00 DIN (10,00 EUR)

    5. Selected Serbian plays (2016 god.), Čigoja štampa
    Autori: edited by Branko Mikasinovich and Dejan Stojanović, afterword by Dennis Barnett
    Antologiju srpske drame na engleskom, pod nazivom Izabrane srpske drame (Selected Serbian Plays) u izdanju New Avenu Books, priredili su Branko Mikašinović i Dejan Stojanović. U antologiji su drame Branislava Nušića, Đorđa Lebovića, Aleksandra Obrenovića, Aleksandra Popovića, Ljubomira Simovića, Duš... više detalja
    Cena: 3.850,00 DIN (39,00 EUR)

    6. Consoling the Boy (2015 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Radovan Beli Marković
    The world of Radovan Beli Marković’s superbly written short stories comprises the familiar and the strange, the known and the unknown, the local and the universal. Their topography coincides with the one found on maps, but the fairytale-like cruelty encountered in the villages and towns places them ... više detalja
    Cena: 890,00 DIN (9,00 EUR)

    7. Only the Gods Can Make Promises (2015 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Božo Koprivica
    This is a compilation of footnotes about the street tamers of rag-balls who grew up to be the masters of fateful shots in unforgettable football matches. Koprivica does it on paper just like Di Steffano does it on the pitch, in an all-encompassing manner. He writes with his brain, his blood and his ... više detalja
    Cena: 1.330,00 DIN (13,00 EUR)

    8. A Plot of Twin Sisters (2014 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Đorđe Pisarev
    A Plot of Twin Sisters operates on several narrative levels: as a mystery involving the theft of books, misplaced parents and abandoned children; as a postmodernist pastiche with excerpts from other people’s books, allusions, citations, and a dash of the epistolary form to wrap things up; as a psych... više detalja
    Cena: 890,00 DIN (9,00 EUR)

    9. Set Away (2014 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Sonja Besford
    Within the context of contemporary Serbian fiction, Sonja Besford’s novel, Set Away, is truly exceptional: a full-fledged thriller thoroughly permeated with love and crime, it obeys the rules of the genre while bending it at the same time. With meticulous dynamics of narration, the author gradually ... više detalja
    Cena: 890,00 DIN (9,00 EUR)

    10. Thai (2014 god.), Geopoetika
    Autor: Goran Gocić
    If it were not a novel, this would be a “feasibility study” dealing with the ways and means of a self-aware man who wishes or, rather, seeks to protect a woman. The project is, under the given circumstances, doomed to failure not because it is impossible, but because it is unnecessary. The fragile a... više detalja
    Cena: 1.220,00 DIN (12,00 EUR)
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