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    Touring Serbia by Roads Railways and Rivers
    Autori: Mišo Vujović, texts written by Momo Kapor
    Strana: 590
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    The most complete tourist guide through Serbia so far, a synthesis of the best European models, with a significant upgrade and an original Serbian contribution. A combination of a rich and reliable travel guide, geopoetics, cultural-historical and economic panoramas, signposts for proven places and a call for imaginative research. All at once. In Serbian and four other great world languages, with over 2,000 illustrations ...

    Traveling is not just a way to cross, mostly the shortest and most efficient, the distance between two points in space. Much more than that, travel is also exploring, learning, conquering new things, adventures, games. It can be passion, philosophy, worldview, it can have its own aesthetics and poetics, its own rituals. There is something of the ancient alchemical secret in it: not only the landscape through which one travels changes, but also the traveler himself. Traveling is not only about getting to know the world we live in, but also our own souls. And it is not just a phrase, like the one too often spent that "beauty is in the eye of the beholder"; it is the primordial revelation given to us by the sages: "The divine is not in the one who is the object of admiration, but in the one who admires."
    To travel is not only to see, but also to see.

    It is not only to receive knowledge, but also to feel, to live, to encompass oneself, to make oneself, a part of one's experience and one's being.
    You can travel to a country many times without actually knowing anything important about it. That she does not open for you, nor you for her. To remain just a user of technical services, like using an ATM on a corner, in some nameless city, waiting to board a plane for who knows where. You cannot truly know a country if you do not penetrate the soul of its people, its colors, smells, tastes, light and darkness, symbols, wine, spices, melodies, peaks, water. If you don't listen to her song, her laughter and her silence. If you do not feel how happy she is and how she suffers. If you do not check what the passengers wrote before you and do not leave letters to those who will come after.

    This book in front of you is first of all an invitation to the right journey, and then a support during it. An invitation to discover Serbia, regardless of whether you are the host or the guest, regardless of whether you are here for the first time or you are returning to it as an old love.

    This book is an invitation to travel not only through space but also through time, not only through the real and the virtual but also through dreams and imagination. It is a combination of a rich tourist guide, geopoetics, cultural-historical and economic panorama, signposts for proven places and calls for creativity. All at once.

    This book unites many forces and many voices, intertwines countless sources and texts, is joyful above any vanity, and represents, in the true sense of the word, a common work.

    What is good in it is yours.
    What you think is not good - forgive.
    Roads, railroads and rivers are waiting.
    Serbia is waiting.
    Let's go.

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    Naslov: Touring Serbia by Roads Railways and Rivers
    Izdavač: Принцип Бонарт Прес
    Strana u boji: 590
    Povez: tvrdi
    Pismo: latinica
    Format: 21 cm
    Godina izdanja: 2007
    ISBN: 978-86-85215-26-1
    Cena: 3.300 RSD
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    33,00 EUR
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    +381 11 3055010
    +381 11 3055015

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