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    Faith science mystery
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    The first section of this volume, contains essays addressing the interface between science and religion, what a dialogue between them might look like, and how the are held together by the author, in her own personal testimony regarding her life as an Orthodox Christian and a scientist, her experience in and of the Church, and her plea to allow truth to be heard through a diversity of voices in dialogue together. The second section tackles bioethical issues, concerning both beginning of life and end of life matters, as they currently stand and also the question of whether technological advances should be restricted or halted. The third section deals with questions concerning creation and evolution, bringing in also issues of scriptural exegesis and theological curricular. Finally, the fourth section addresses the question of what it is to be human, the role of genetics, and the potential challenges which may face us in the year ahead …

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    Naslov: Faith science mystery
    Izdavač: Sebastian Press
    Strana: 261 (cb)
    Povez: meki
    Pismo: latinica
    Format: 23 cm
    Godina izdanja: 2018
    1.200,00 DIN
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    12,00 EUR

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