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    Only the Gods Can Make Promises
    Autor: Božo Koprivica
    Strana: 326
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    This is a compilation of footnotes about the street tamers of rag-balls who grew up to be the masters of fateful shots in unforgettable football matches. Koprivica does it on paper just like Di Steffano does it on the pitch, in an all-encompassing manner. He writes with his brain, his blood and his heart… Koprivica is marked by his love for the game as a true, devoted soccer fan, whose memory is that of a wise man, whose understanding of things belongs to a true philosopher, and whose words are those of a bard.
    Peca Popović

    When Božo Koprivica writes about soccer, he does it in the manner of a great poet, or a great prose writer, or even as someone would write about aesthetics or theory… This conundrum regarding the genre of his book, in his own words, is a consequence of a terrible laziness… He is an amalgam of a great poet and an old-school soccer fan.
    Miljenko Jergović

    Myth and cruel reality, winning and losing, a team and an individual, joy and sorrow, dream and awakening… these oppositions can be united only by a mind that sees art where nobody else sees it, and by a hand that knows how to describe everything indescribable and hitherto undescribed. Reading the book opens an entirely new horizon in which literature and soccer, similar to a canoe double calmly peddling along a never-ending river, touch the shores of Loneliness, Solitude and Desolation. Only the Gods Can Make Promises
    Vladislav Bajac

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    Naslov: Only the Gods Can Make Promises
    Izdavač: Geopoetika
    Strana: 326 (cb)
    Povez: meki
    Pismo: latinica
    Format: 20 cm
    Godina izdanja: 2015
    ISBN: 978-86-6145-187-4
    Cena: 1.330 RSD
    Cena za inostranstvo:
    13,00 EUR
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